Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Gain Admission Into Nigeria University Without JAMB

A lot of students struggle year in year out to pass Jamb exams. The mention of the word JAMB alone gives some students the jitters because they believe that it’s an examination that is difficult, if not completely impossible to pass by the average student.Some students who eventually manage to pass JAMB have to struggle with another round of qualifying examinations – POST UTME, before they can now fully gain admission into universities or polytechnics of their choice.
A lot of students would rather avoid all of the stress and opt for easier ways to gain admission into the university without having to write JAMB or POST UTME examinations.
There are several ways by which you can gain admission into the university without writing JAMB
. Some of the most effective methods include:

Monday, 19 March 2018

BREAKING - World's Biggest Plane Taxis Set to Takeoff

The hefty, double-bodied Stratolaunch airplane — its wingspan of 385 feet (117 meters) is the widest in the world — recently reached a new milestone that brings it one step closer to leaving the ground.
In runway tests conducted on Sunday (Feb. 25) at the Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California, Stratolaunch achieved a taxi speed of 46 mph (74 km/h), according to a tweet posted on Feb. 26 by Paul Allen, founder of Stratolaunch Systems Corp. and co-founder of Microsoft.
Stratolaunch, which weighs about 500,000 lbs. (227,000 kilograms), can carry a payload of up to 550,000 lbs. (250,000 kg). The massive aircraft will transport rocket launchers and satellites bound for low Earth orbit, according to the company's website. [Stratolaunch Test Photos: The World's Largest Plane in Action]
Rocket launches from fixed locations can be delayed or halted by inclement weather and may face hazards from airborne traffic. But deploying rockets and satellites from a moving aircraft such as Stratolaunch — which would take off from a runway and release its payloads from a cruising altitude of about 36,000 feet (11,000 meters) — could reduce the risk of launch cancellations or delays from bad weather, making access to space "more convenient, reliable and routine," Stratolaunch representatives said on the company website.

Rocket launches from fixed locations can be delayed or halted by inclement weather and may face hazards from airborne traffic. But deploying rockets

Building the World's Strongest Electromagnet By MIT

Scientists want to power cities with the same high-energy explosions that power the hearts of stars. This process is called nuclear fusion, and it results (in stars, at least) in massive amounts of sustainable, zero-carbon energy.
According to scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a new $30 million research initiative may make this long-sought-after energy source a widespread reality on Earth within the next 15 years.
MIT researchers have teamed up with a new private company called Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) to carry out a rapid research project that they say could dramatically accelerate fusion energy technology. The ultimate goal of the project is to build a compact, fully functional fusion reactor called a tokamak, which could fit on a truck and produce 100 million wattsof power, the researchers said in a statement.
But the first step is to create "the world's most powerful superconducting electromagnets," a key component in building the reactor. Supported by $30 million in funding from CFS, the MIT team hopes to finish this first stage of the project within the next three years. [Science Fact or Fiction? The Plausibility of 10 Sci-Fi Concepts]
"Advances in superconducting magnets have put fusion energy potentially within reach, offering the prospect of a safe, carbon-free energy

JAMB UTME: Releases Over 1.3million Result (2018)

Benjamin said (JAMB Official): “We are presently viewing the CCTV to ensure that results are not released in several batches. On Monday, we will release over 1.3 million results. These are the results of the CBT centres that have been screened. We cannot say how many cases of malpractice we have yet, because we are still viewing the CCTV to discover more cases. “Some strange findings that the CCTV has showed us include a situation where the CBT owners were collecting money from UTME candidates and seeing to how they could assist them. Our officials at the centres raised the alarm but they were also afraid so that their lives would not be endangered. “What the JAMB officials did was to silently play along with them, but we were watching everything on the CCTV. We later sent operatives to the centres and caught them. Such UTME results were completely cancelled. We knew that there were some innocent candidates in such centres and we have asked them to go to other CBT centres and rewrite immediately.”

The JAMB official explained that candidates whose fingers could not be captured during the biometric verification before the examination would not be allowed to retake the examination.

Monday, 20 October 2014


What is Business? Is the commercial dealings that a person or organization has with another person or organization

1. Work by design, not by default.
Many people choose a career with minimal knowledge of what skills are needed, what the day-to-day work involves, and whether it’ll make them happy. Some start down one path, pulled toward one of the careers that recruit the hardest, where corporate profits are highest but employees are least satisfied. Then inertia and circumstance dictate which direction their career goes. In effect, they let their career choose them, rather than the reverse. Instead, be proactive. Decide what direction you want to go, and then start moving in that direction, today.

2.   Take responsibility for your career.
The days of working at one company for a lifetime and relying on a pension and social security are long gone. Have an internal locus of control: you are in charge of your career and your life. Design your own career, because if you don’t, others will.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

9 Ways To Make Your Online Business Look Professional

Building an online business often means you’re on your own and starting from scratch — no IT department to set up your email, no design guru to make a logo, no professional writer to craft website copy. So most bootstrapped entrepreneurs use their current resources to get things going, like utilizing a personal email address and phone number for business interactions.
But once you’re up and running somewhat smoothly — because let’s face it, you’ll never stop putting out fires, even if you become a Fortune 500 company — it’s time to start cleaning up your business and separating the personal from the professional.
A lot of this cleanup means focusing on branding. Your brand is the look and feel of your business. It is defined by the elements that set you apart from your competitors. And if you want to stand out in a crowded market, every little detail counts. Here are nine quick and easy steps to get from “brand new” to “branded.”

1. Get a dedicated phone number

Having a dedicated number for your business is a no brainer. It allows you to share your contact details without giving out your private phone number. It ensures you don’t accidentally answer a customer’s call with an unprofessional “Yo, what’s up?” Plus you probably don’t want your customers to hear that five-year-old voicemail greeting featuring the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song.
You can go the old-fashioned route and get a dedicated cell phone line for your business, but it is probably cheaper and more convenient to set up a Google Voice number. In addition to being free, you’ll have a separate number, online storage of your voicemails and the ability to forward your incoming calls to any phones that you want.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog

While it is possible to run a successful business without a blog, it sure is handy to have hundreds of potential customers milling around your blog waiting to hear your witty status updates and see behind-the-scenes photos of your life. While you’re in the stages of starting up, take a little time each day and devote it to writing blog posts and getting a wicked-awesome blog designed. Trust me, it comes in handy. Here’s how: 

Try not to view your competitors as your evil arch enemies. They‘re just down-to-earth creative girls like you, on a mission similar to yours! Embrace that. Go out for a coffee with them, skype them, start a Google + hangout with them and learn from them. If they are swamped with work one month, they may refer someone they can’t work with to you. Referrals from friends in the business is a great way to get work.  

Many of my design clients were my blog readers first. How exactly do you turn a reader into a client? Self promotion! Let your readers know (but not in a spam kinda way) what you do, provide them with links to your shop/portfolio and give